Digital Illustration With Cows

Digital Illustration With Cows

In making light of the recent Frankenstorm, I designed this graphic to bring levity to an otherwise serious situations. Keep in mind, 21st Street in Purcellville did not actually flood. It was somewhat humorous to see that some resident thought this was an actual photograph.

Using a base photograph taken from the roof of the Purcellville Marketplace, 21st Street was virtually flooded with digital water. After some work in blending in the edges of the water with the buildings, the cows were added for humorous effect. The cow photos were taken during a landscape shoot on another day. They were simply cut out using Photoshop and placed within the image.

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The reaction from the community from this timely design was terrific. While a few folks questioned whether this was real, most appreciated the local humor put forth by the graphic design. It was posted on Facebook where it was commented upon, and shared, by more than 100 residents.

While this type of digital illustration can be pursued for purely personal enjoyment, it can also be an effective viral marketing tool. If you are able to capture the hearts and minds of the community using familiar and humorous components, it can raise awareness for the services you provide.